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Services We Offer

If you need us, we will be there. 

Pet Sitting

Worry-free Care

That's right, worry-free. We are insured and CPR/First Aid certified, making sure your friend has a vacation as great as yours. Feel at ease as we make a minimum of two visits per day and spend up to four hours with your friends. We do everything in our power to make sure they are well taken care of, and give you a peace of mind with daily pictures and updates. KW Walkers also pet sits at hotels for those who are traveling.

Green Eyed Cat
Two French Bulldogs

Weekly Yard Cleanup

Keith and Whitney to the Rescue

Weekly yard clean-up is great for those who don't want to scoop their dog's waste. We come one time per week on either Monday or Friday unless otherwise requested, and we even bring our own bags and scooper! All we ask is for a trash can so we can dispose of the used bag.


A Great Time Saver

Drop-ins are great for potty breaks, playtime, food/water refill, litter box cleaning, and even medication administration. They can occur daily/weekly, once or twice per week, or even once every other week and are scheduled when you need it.

Golden Dog
Dogs with Dog Walker

Dog Walking

One on One Time

30 or 60 minute walks, at any time of the day. We walk your dog around your neighborhood or your apartment complex so he or she will feel right at home, and we take as needed breaks in the shade to prevent overheating.

In-Home Grooming 

A Comfortable Setting

In-Home Grooming is by appointment only.

Full Groom

Choose your own shampoo, conditioner and spray with our full groom option. We use professional clippers suitable for all breeds and coat types. Bath, nail trim and file, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and paw balm are included in our full groom. We bring our own supplies and grooming table and set up wherever you choose. Click the button above to reserve your in-home grooming session, you won't be disappointed. 


Both the Full Groom and the Spa Groom come with various add-ons to help your friend feel extra fresh. Our add-on options include de-matting, de-shedding, nail polish, blueberry facial to rid those pesky tear stains, and our new deep conditioning mineral bath. All of the items listed in the Full/Spa Groom and the add-ons can be requested a la carte if needed, but each item will be charged separately at full price. 


Spa Groom

Make a monthly grooming appointment and keep your friend squeaky clean with our new Spa Groom option. It includes a bath, nail trim and file, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and paw balm. This is perfect for those who have animals that have short hair and who don't need a haircut or for those who do have long hair that doesn't like having their pup's haircut. Book your monthly appointment today before your spot gets taken.

They recently groomed my cat Lilly and did an amazing job! This was Lilly’s first time getting groomed and she was nervous but Luna definitely helped her relax. They were early to the appointment and patient with me while my cat tried to hide. I recommend KW Walkers for anyone that is local and needs someone in the Houston area.

Harman A.

I found these lovely ladies on nextdoor a couple weeks ago... they came to my house and met my dog nana... who is still very much in her shell from being tossed in Harris county shelter by her previous owner... they came met her calmed her... my dog who I told them may not handle them being here well... who may jump at their touch... but no ... they calmed and relaxed her to the point she would lay down somewhat relaxed most of the time ... she had so much fur that had not been taken care of properly by previous places and now she will keep going to these ladies!! Bath grooming dental and nails clipped all in one day for a pup I said would never let them do it ... these ladies are absolutely wonderful and truly care about your animals!!!

Rachael N.