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7 Things You Need When You Get Your First Pet

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Adopting a dog or cat isn’t an impulse decision. Before you can add a pet to the family, there are some important affairs you need to get in order. From a great vet to pet care essentials, we at KW Walkers share everything you need to keep your first pet healthy, happy, and safe.

1. A Great Veterinarian

Just like a new baby, your new pet needs a check-up and vaccinations to protect its health. Dogs and cats both require core sets of vaccines, including the rabies vaccine, which is legally mandated in most states. Even if your pet is already vaccinated and fixed, it’s still important to establish a relationship with a veterinarian. If you don’t, you’ll have to spend more to go to an emergency clinic when your pet gets sick.

2. A Microchip

No one means for their pet to escape, but accidents happen. Without a microchip, the odds of getting your pet back are slim. According to Petfinder, only 22 percent of lost dogs and 2 percent of lost cats find their way home without a microchip. Ask your vet to implant a microchip on the first visit, and remember to update the microchip data any time you move or change your phone number.

3. Find the Right Food

This is a pretty high priority item. When it comes to keeping your pet healthy, you want to offer them a diet filled with the right amount of nutrients. Be sure to read labels and check the ingredients list before you settle on the right formula, whether it’s wet or dry. You can also ask your vet for suggestions on a diet that suits your pet’s breed and age-related needs. Plus, if you find a food your pet loves, you can set it for autoship from stores like Chewy or Amazon so you never run out!

4. Solutions for Messes

Dealing with a dog’s waste is simple. Attach a roll of poop bags to the leash, buy a scooper for the backyard, and you’re good to go. With cats, it’s a whole different story. There’s an endless assortment of litter boxes and litter available, and what works for one cat might not work for another. Your litter box is easily the most important cat item on your list, so do your research.

5. A Comfy Pet Bed

Your pet deserves to be comfortable too! Unless you want your pet snuggling up to you at night, buy your pet its own bed. Nest beds and memory foam beds are great choices for dogs. Or if you want something a little more unique, check out the beds KW Walkers has for sale.

6. A Dog Walker

Even if you don’t rely on a dog walker every day, it’s smart to work with an agency like KW Walkers, who you can call when you’re stuck at work late or traveling for the holidays and can’t bring your pet..

7. A Safe Space

Your new pet is likely to feel nervous during the first days in a new home. Don’t take it personally! Instead, give your pet a quiet space to hang out until they’re comfortable. It may take a week or two, but eventually, your pet will start to warm up to you. PetSmart Charities has more tips for helping a new pet feel at home.

Finally, make sure you have plenty of patience with your new pet. It takes time for dogs and cats to trust new owners and learn the rules in a new home. However, with a little time and a lot of love, you and your pet will develop a lasting bond.

When it comes to boarding, walking, grooming or pet sitting, KW Walkers has you covered! With over 15 years of experience with pets of all types, shapes and sizes, we’re prepared to offer the best care when you need it. Call today to find out more! 281-864-0699

By Cindy Aldridge

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