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The Benefits of Board and Train

Did you know there are many benefits of our board and train service? Read below to see why people choose our training programs.

Our Board and Train Won't Break the Bank

We know that times have been hard lately, but we got you covered. We structed our board and train program to be affordable for everyone. We have 4 amazing programs that are tailored to your exact needs, no program is the same. We provide 1, 2, 4 or 6 weeks of board and train, 4 and 6 week for those wanting higher level obedience. When you select your program, you receive between 3 and 12 free private sessions once your program is complete. You also get a free consultation, and free drop-off and pick-up with your program. Check out our services page to get pricing and to book your affordable board and train program!

You Get More Board and Train for Less

Do you ever wonder how much training gets done during your dog's stay with us? Since we accept up to 2 dogs at a time for our board and train program, your dog gets up to 4 hours of training PER DAY! Each program is customized, however there are a couple of things that we do during each board and train program to ensure your dog gets the most out of their stay: socialization, outings to parks, pet stores and coffee shops, training with different stimulus, and exposure therapy. All of these plus daily walks, playtime, and updates are included in your dog's program. You really do get more for less.

Not impressed? Check out our reviews here and here and see why people choose us for their board and train service!

by Whitney Evans - KW Walkers

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