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Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Weekly dog walking & flat rate, all-inclusive pet sitting is how we do. Click the button below to learn more about these awesome services!

Dog Training

We now offer basic obedience dog training! If you need help with basic commands, behaviors & even crate and potty training, give us a call and we would love to help! 

Yard Cleanup

We scoop poop! Yard cleanup is our weekly waste removal service.  Read more to find out why our Yard Cleanup service is amazing!


Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

We provide weekly dog walking and all-inclusive pet sitting services to Houston & its surrounding areas! If you need a walk at 6 am, 12 pm, or 8 pm, Monday through Friday OR on the weekends, we got your back.  

If you need pet sitting services for 3 days, 2 weeks, or for an extended period of time, you can count on us. Your animals stay in the comfort of your home, helping keep their anxiety and stress levels at bay while you are away.


We are also cpr/first aid certified, and insured with Pet Care Insurance. 

Weekly Dog Walking
30 & 60 minute walks any time of day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year
water/food refill, pictures & updates, accident clean-up included
All-Inclusive Pet Sitting
-feeding according to their schedule
-daily walks
-playtime & cuddles
-pictures & updates
-medication administration (oral/injection if needed)
-plenty of potty breaks
-mail/package service
-indoor plant watering
*pet sitting stays scheduled for more than 7 days will receive a discount*

Yard Clean-Up 

Yard Cleanup, aka Poop Scooping or Pet Waste Removal, is our most unique service! It helps keep your yard clean so you can enjoying your backyard and not have to worry about stepping in anything you don't want too!​

-weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscription
-Saturday or Sunday
-$16 per visit for standard yard
-no contracts
-no cancellation fees
-includes unlimited number of dogs

Dog Training 

Need some help with your furry friend & don't know what to do? Give us a call and let us help with your pup's basic obedience needs!

We offer affordable dog training services, no expensive package commitments, and use different training methods to get you results. All ages & breeds are welcome!


At your consultation, we will see where you and your pup (or senior pup) are at and create a tailored training plan based on your needs. Generally, we start with the core pillars of dog training (sit, stay, leave it and look at me) and then tailor a program for your specific needs.

Consultations are $25. 1 hour sessions are $65.

Puppy Training 
crate training, potty training, general obedience like sit, stay, come, etc. 
behaviors like biting, chewing, barking, marking, leash pulling
General Obedience Training
-learn sit, stay come, shake wait, cross, down, how to walk on a leash, & so much more! 

Not sure if we service your area? Check out our service areas & see why we have the largest service area in Houston! 

KW Walkers took care of our pain in the butt of a dog while we were on vacation earlier this month and did a fantastic job! Just the piece of mind knowing the our dog and home were both being well taken care of while being gone for almost 2 weeks made our time away even more enjoyable! I would recommend Keith and Whitney to anyone everyone and do! Thanks again for taking care of our J.A., y'all are the best!

Sara J.