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Affordable Dog Training at Your Fingertips

If you're seeking professional dog training that is affordable and gets results that last, KW Walkers can help! We are the ultimate destination for all your dog training needs. We give you 4 amazing dog training options: board and train, private sessions, and group classes. Our service area consists of Houston, Spring, Cypress & Tomball, Tx. We accept clients for our dog training services living in these cities (Conroe, Kingwood, Sugar Land, Pearland, Humble, etc.). Also, our group class travels so check below for the weekly schedule! We accept cash, check, Zelle or Venmo for our dog training sessions.

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Board and Train

Our Board and Train program is the perfect solution for dog owners looking for reliable, professional and effective dog training options. We're proud to offer affordable dog training in Houston, Tx and surrounding areas. You get amazing results at half the price of other programs! 

KW Walkers offers obedience training, puppy training, aggressive dog and reactive dog training, leash training, behavior training, and higher level obedience training. All board and train programs are customized to fit your needs, but all programs include socialization, outings, training with different stimulus, and exposure therapy. Your dog will also get daily walks, playtime, and updates are included in your dog's program. We also throw in a free consultation, drop-off and pick-up, just because.

1 week - $850, includes 3 free follow-up private sessions

2 weeks - $1,650, includes 6 free follow-up private sessions

4 weeks - $3,100, includes 10 free follow-up private sessions

6 weeks - $4,500, includes 12 free follow-up private sessions

50% deposit due at consultation for 1, 2 and 4 week programs

1/3 deposit due at consultation for 6 weeks, 1/3 due at week 3, and the remaining is due on drop -off.

In-Home Dog Training, aka Private Sessions

Do you want to keep dog training in the comfort of your home? Look no further than our amazing and effective in-home dog training service!


Our expert dog trainer specializes in personalized, 1-on-1 training sessions that are customized to you and your dog's unique needs. We use a variety of techniques to help dogs learn new behaviors and prevent unwanted ones. We can also fix any unwanted behaviors your dogs has. Just like our board and train program, KW Walkers offers obedience training, puppy training, aggressive dog and reactive dog training, leash training, behavior training, and higher level obedience training. We also include outings (if requested) and will not just explain what your dog is doing, but they why behind it and how to be successful.

Consultation - $35

1 hr. session - $100

 3 hr. session (weekends only) - $275

Book 4 sessions at once (optional) - $375 ($93.75/session)

No contracts, no packages

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Group Classes

*Paused until after the holidays*


Join our affordable and effective group class dog training, designed to address any problem your furry friend may be facing.  Whether your dog is dealing with obedience issues, socialization challenges, or any other problem, our group class is designed to cater to all breeds and ages. We fix any dog with any problem. NO CONTRACTS, class are come and go as you please.

1 dog - $25

extra dog from same house - $15


Text 281-864-0699 to RSVP

Virtual (Online) Dog Training Sessions

Do you want dog training done in the comfort of your home at your computer? Look no further, KW Walkers offers a fantastic and affordable online dog training program. All you need is Zoom or Skype (and a dog, of course), and we can get started! Our Virtual Sessions are open to anyone living outside of Houston in the USA.

For a comprehensive training experience, we provide 1-hour virtual sessions. Our trainer will guide you through effective techniques to achieve desirable behaviors in your dog. Whether it's potty training, basic obedience, or addressing common behavior issues such as counter surfing or leash pulling, our virtual training sessions cover it all. Our trainer will provide step-by-step guidance, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills to continue training at home.

Don't let distance hinder your dog's training journey. Embrace the convenience of virtual sessions and witness the transformation in your four-legged companion. Book your virtual dog training sessions today and embark on a rewarding training experience for you and your furry friend.

Consultation - $35

1 hr. session - $50

Book 4 sessions at once (optional) - $45/session

No contracts, no packages

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